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3 Reasons You May Not Be Shedding Extra Pounds

We have all been there, we think we are doing everything possible to lose weight yet for some reason the buttons on our pants don’t budge. It’s frustrating and we can get demotivated. But for most of us if we dive deep into what we are doing with our nutrition and exercise we can find the reason the pounds are not falling off, our blood sugars are not well managed and why we feel low energy.

However it takes discipline to really dig deep and track a variety of things to find out how your body, energy levels and blood glucose readings respond to the exercise and eating you are doing.

Whenever I talk to people with type 1 diabetes who can’t seem to drop the weight, we almost always find the culprit in one of the following 3 big reasons people don’t lose weight.

For some they may seem obvious, but for many, they aren’t so I will share them here in case you aren’t aware of them.

Three REASONS you can’t get back into your skinny jeans:

Reason 1: You are eating the “wrong” type of calories.

Not all calories are created equal. I hear people obsess about their calorie intake all the time and they don’t understand why they are not shedding pounds because they are making sure to not exceed a certain calorie amount. But if you are eating 1800 calories a day of sugar, fat and carbs you will not see the same results if you ate 1800 calories of lean protein, healthy fat and veggies.

Based on my own person experience, I find that I have the best body and blood sugar control when I only eat lean protein, veggies and healthy fat. I can eat far more calories when I eat those types of calories then I can if I decide to eat processed foods, with lots of carbs and unhealthy fat.

Reason 2: Maintaining the same workout routine.

We have all seen the individuals at the gym day after day and week after week who are going through the same motions!

If you take a close look at their body over time, chances are you will not see changes. Even if these individuals are doing all the “right” things when it comes to nutrition, your body’s metabolism will slow down and this leads to fat gain when you are not mixing up your workout routine.

It’s not about lifting heavier weights, or running more miles or spending more time at the gym, it’s simply about not allowing your body to anticipate what you will be doing and getting used to it.

You can alter simple things like reps or sets or speed to mix up your routine. I for one generally mix up my routines every 4-6 weeks in order to fight boredom and a lazy metabolism.

Reason 3: Under feeding your body.

Just like over-consuming calories can make your belly bulge, under eating can be equally as detrimental.

When your body doesn’t get enough fuel (calories) it tends to hold onto extra fat and then resorts to burning your lean muscle You see, when it doesn’t get enough calories, your body tends to hold onto fat and burn your lean muscle mass.
Clearly this is not an ideal situation and it slows your metabolism.

So be sure to fuel your body with the right type of calories (especially when you are working out) in order to help fuel fat loss and blood sugar control.


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