About Type 1 To Type AWESOME

This program was created by me, someone who has had Type 1 Diabetes since I was 12 years old, for those who have type 1 diabetes. Have a look at how I changed my life completely following a few sound nutritional and exercise fundamentals!

Yes! I understand your feelings. I was just like you…

Let’s first go back to when I was diagnosed.

I had been feeling very lethargic and tired and despite my constant thirst and hunger I kept losing weight for about 1 month. I was completely exhausted and remember walking through the halls of my middle school wondering “why is my backpack so damn heavy?”

I was unable to figure-it out.

Everything I did felt like a HUGE task. For the first time in my life, I didn’t feel like me.  I felt confused about why life seemed to be draining from my body faster and faster.

Oh man! I was scared!


My mom and dad were worried. They kept on asking about eating disorders. I was losing so much weight.

Because my blood sugars were so high (I didn’t know this at the time), when I ate food, I would automatically puke it up no matter how hard I tried to keep it down.

I now know that because my sugars were so high, my body was rejecting the food because it simply couldn’t bring the sugar out of the blood stream and into the cells and use it for energy.

The sugar was toxic in my bloodstream and was making me feel and appear very sick and unhealthy.

My parents kept demanding that I stop being bulimic. Through tears I sobbed “I’m not doing it on purpose”….but because I kept throwing up my parents didn’t believe me.

I continued to get weaker and weaker. My desire to have fun and joy kept dissipating.

I still remember the night…

I woke up and it was so cold that I went to sleep near the fireplace.

After an hour, I woke up again. Oh God! I couldn’t breathe. I was so skinny and so cold. I immediately called for my mom.

I told her I could barely breathe and that was enough for her to rush me to the ER. She told me later that she was very scared because when she picked me up I was so light and lifeless that she thought I would die in her arms.

After hours and hours of tests and going in and out of consciousness, the doctors finally decided to take my blood sugar. It was over 800!

And there it was- I was officially diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. My gut reaction was anger and feelings of unfairness. I was mad at God and my mom for not being able to fix it. I kept asking “why me, what did I do to deserve this?”

In the coming months, my body continued to change and my blood sugars were all over the place. Food became an obsession because everything was about what I could and couldn’t eat. Eventually I developed several eating disorders.

I was devastated and embarrassed about having type 1 diabetes…

I felt this way for years, and ignored it, never talked about it and straight up disrespected my body day after day.

I used dangerous and disgusting strategies to stay thin (eating and throwing up, not eating for days, skipping shots, and working out like a fanatic) because I didn’t believe I could have tight blood sugar control and a lean fit body.

After nearly two decades of mistreating my body, it finally started to reject the disgusting strategies as viable options to stay thin. I started to gain weight, I looked awful, I was inflamed, lethargic, puffy and my blood sugars continued to be out of control. And for the first time, I started to feel sick from the continued elevated blood sugars.

Finally I had had enough!

Diabetes was NOT going to overrule my life! What I wanted was user-friendly, comprehensive, positive and non-intimidating strategies so I could thrive with type 1!

Rather than revert back to my normal belief of “I can’t have a good body and healthy blood sugars” I decided to do more searching and finally find a solution!

Unfortunately, I didn’t find much in the way of helpful or useful information.

So I decided to make my own body a testing ground. I was determined to find the perfect formula for me that would allow me to shed those nasty unwanted pounds that crept on and have awesome blood sugar control so my doctor would stop pestering me about potential complications.

I partnered up with a semi-pro body builder, a licensed nutritionist, a personal trainer an M.D. and a N.M.D. in order to ensure my safety.

I tried everything, tracked everything and eventually after lots of tears and frustrations we found powerful fundamentals that when I stuck to them, I got the body and the blood glucose levels I wanted!

Finally I felt like I was wining. I had a total body and health transformation.

I never intended to create a program. But one thing I knew was that if I had struggled, felt hopeless and scared, there must be others out there who were experiencing the same.

I wanted to stop the needless frustrations and give those with type 1 diabetes a step by step program and formula to help them attain and sustain weight loss, blood sugar control and A1c reduction.

I’ve been blessed that it has worked for 1000s of people. Every day I’m reminded about the power of my 12 week program when I get emails from people thanking me.

Over the last 24 months I have tweaked and refined the strategies I use on a daily basis to get optimal outcomes for my body. My A1c is fantastic, my average blood sugar is 115 6 days a week and a little higher on “cheat day”, I take 15-18 units of insulin on my pump a day and I lost and have kept off nearly 25 pounds!

My sole intention in offering this product to those with Type 1 Diabetes is to assist people in avoiding all the trials and errors and frustrations I experienced on my way to creating a powerful formula that allows me to live a life free of worry, complications, great blood sugars and a body I’m proud of.

My site www.A1cWise.com is dedicated to giving those with type 1 diabetes powerful information so they can have the lean and fit body they want with the blood sugar control they need.

I love to educate people, first because I feel part of my life’s purpose is to help others with type 1 diabetes and second because it keeps me motivated and inspired to stay on track and continue to care for my own body and health.

Please explore my website to discover more on how to successfully lose weight and have tight glucose control.

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