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Q: I’ve tried other programs with limited success


Q: What if I’m hungry on the program?


Q: What if the workouts are too difficult?


Q: Will the program work for me?


Q: Why did you create this program?


Q: Others talk negatively about the food choices I’m making?


Q: What if I experience low blood sugars?


Q: Can I swap out foods?


Q: Do I have to eat back the calories I burn?


Q: How did you select the price point for the product?


Q: I don’t have supportive family or friends


Q: Is it hard to get back on track after a cheat day?


Q: I have family how can I make it easy for everyone?


Q: What if I don’t see a doctor?


Q: Do I have to have a cheat day?


Q: What if I fall off the wagon?


Q: I’m nervous I won’t be able to stick to the program