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Avoid These Foods With High Exposure To Pesticides

Sometimes we engage in a certain activity without thinking about the negative consequences simply because we don’t make the connection in our brain.

One of the “connections” that is often easy to miss is the link between pesticides and weight gain or lack of weight loss. For those of us with type 1 diabetes it is critical that we really understand how food and exercise impact us (we are all different) so we can build the best personal formula for ourselves to have a rocking and lean body, tight blood glucose control and healthy A1c levels month after month.

Our liver, which is responsible for processing fat is also responsible for processing toxins in our body. So although you may not think “if I eat this food that is highly processed, drenched in pesticides and full of chemical, my liver will have to redirect it’s energy from fat loss to toxin removal.”

But that is exactly what happens. And it gets even trickier because pesticides are often sprayed heavily on fruits and veggies, so while you are consuming these seemingly “good for your foods” you are forcing your liver to go into overdrive to process the toxins which takes it away from it’s primary function which is to process fat.

I don’t know about you, but I want my liver to focus on fat so I can stay lean, remain insulin sensitive and keep my blood sugars in really healthy ranges so I can live and long and energetic life with type 1 diabetes feeling great about my body and looking good too.

So here are a few foods you may think are ok to be eating, but if you are not consuming the “organic” version of them, you may be sabotaging your weight and health goals.
Apples – are a fruit that is frequently exposed to external threats such as fungus and insects. In order to ensure that the highest percentage of apples make it to the grocery store, they are drenched in harmful pesticides and herbicides to keep them fresh and safe against those threats. The only problem, you eat them and they are anything but clean and safe.

Strawberries –although these berries taste amazing they too are loved by insects and fungus. So just as with apples they are heavily sprayed with pesticides and herbicides. These toxins linger on the strawberries long after they make it to your grocery cart and plate at home. I know it seems counterintuitive but remember you want to give your liver the ability to focus on processing fat not toxins so you can hit your weight goals which then allows you to keep blood sugars in check.

Cherry Tomato – these tiny veggies always come up high on the list of items that have a lot of pesticide residue. Thus, I add them to the avoid list unless of course you are purchasing organic cherry tomatoes. When I’m at the store and I see the price of conventional produce versus organic I often have a knee jerk reaction of “no way I’m not spending that much more!”

But then I remind myself of articles like these and know that extra dough is WELL worth it since I’m determined to stay lean, healthy and fit!

Cucumbers – so delicious on the top of salad, but these little guys often have trace amounts of MANY different pesticides. While peeling the skin is helpful, your best bet is again to either avoid or buy organic.

Bottom line give your liver the opportunity to do what it is designed to do. The moment you ingest toxics, chemicals and highly processed foods, you are taxing your liver in ways that will not support your weight loss and blood sugar control efforts.

At first it can seem overwhelming, so many things to know and do in order to support your health and type 1 diabetes goals. But little my little you get educated and make the right choices and before you know it, you can have the lean body and rocking blood glucose control you’ve been after.

How do I know this, because although I’m not a doctor, I have lived with type 1 diabetes since I was 12 and I’ve done and seen it all.

I lived out of control for a long time and only in the last 5 years did I get my act together and begin to understand the perfect food and exercise formula for me to stay thin and lean with great blood sugar control and feel more energized and better than I ever have before.


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