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Nothing makes me more motivated and excited than the thought of even tighter blood sugar control and a leaner and fitter body. Some may say it is superficial but I truly believe your body is a reflection of your confidence, self-discipline and how much you care about yourself.

So I’m always up for making sure I’m taking care of myself and finding the new and best ways to tweak my body so I feel and look as good as possible.

For those of us with type 1 diabetes it is critical to have a lean body and tight blood glucose control so we can live a long time with energy and without complications.

That said, I decided to try an 11 week program that is supposed to cut even more body fat and make me even ore insulin sensitive and better able to keep my blood sugars within a healthy range.

Today I got to work my back and biceps.

If I’m honest, I’m dragging a bit only because my legs are sore as heck from yesterday’s killer workout.

Each exercise I do I really try to focus on my mind and muscle connection so I get the most out of every rep possible.

It is so easy to just go to the gym and blow through a workout and not do it to its full effectiveness simply because you are not paying attention.

So it is my commitment that for the next 11 weeks I will focus on form and mind muscle connection so I can truly shape my body even more.

It takes a bit longer to get through the workout but it is well worth it.

Of course I did 20 minutes of cardio on the front and back end of the chest and bicep routine.

Here’s to a better body and tighter blood sugar control.


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