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How To Have Iron Clad Will Power And Stay On Track

It has happened to us all, we have been following a fitness and nutrition plan and we are sticking to it perfectly. We are hitting or maintain our weight and blood sugar goals and then bam, out of the blue we seem to lose all our will power and discipline and we fall off the wagon big time.

The worst part is we may even fall off the wagon for such a long time we un do all our hard work and find it even more difficult the next round to get back to the place we were before.

The best way to avoid having to get back on the wagon is to not fall off. Look I’m not unrealistic and I know we will all have our days where we are unable to stick to our plan and that is ok. But I would like to help you stack the willpower chips in your favor so the times when you fall off are less frequent, shorter and less dramatic.

For those of us with type 1 diabetes, it is critical that we manage our weight and blood sugars continuously so we can live healthfully and energetically and minimize the risk of future complications.

So for others falling off the wagon for a day or two and eating terribly may add a pound or two but for those with type 1 diabetes that can be a day or 2 of high blood sugars which ultimately really impact our health and put us at much greater risk for complications.

Here are a few ways you can bolster your willpower and make sure you stay on track.

Steady your blood sugars. This may seem obvious but not necessarily for the reason I’m going to mention. When our blood sugars are stable we get to use less insulin which helps us on our weight loss quest. But when our blood sugars are stable we also avoid the emotional roller coasters that can lead us to overeating. Think about two scenarios, when your blood sugar crashes, what do you often do, overcompensate only to find you went from a low blood sugar to a high blood sugar and now you have to correct with insulin! Not what we want. And I don’t know about you, but when my blood sugar is high I start to beat myself up and think I’m failing and say “hell, if my blood sugar is already high I may as well do what I want for the next few hours.” This is a hard one for me to admit but it’s true. When I’m not in control I feel bad and sometimes just want to say “f it all.” I bet if you are honest with yourself you do the same.

Celebrate wisely. A huge mistake I used to make and find that others often make is rewarding good behavior with food celebrations. When I first started to get my weight and blood sugars under control I’d say if I stick to this plan all week I can do whatever I want on Saturday. The issue with that is I was making food a reward which is not a healthy behavior. So reward and celebrate your success with different things like a movie or a spa day or a new outfit, just make sure it is meaningful to you.

Play defense. It’s hard to fight temptation if you are surrounded with it. I have found I operate best when I minimize my access to foods that are tempting or will derail my goals. I don’t keep crap food in my house. And on my free days, I have to go buy it and at the end of the day I toss it out. Yes I know this is a waste, but that way during the week if I am tempted to fall off the wagon there is nothing in the home that is easy to grab and I can generally prevent myself from driving to the store and buying food that isn’t on my plan. If you have a tough time deciding to toss food out, bring the left overs to the office, I’m sure there are plenty of people there who will consume it. I simply don’t do this, because I want those in the office to eat well to and don’t feel it is fair to tempt them with my yuckie food.

Get adequate sleep. Studies show those who don’t get enough sleep make worse nutritional decisions during the day- ie: they consume more calories. Those who stay up later also consume an average of 248 more calories in the last 2 hours before bed than those who go to bed around 10. Proper sleep will impact you in numerous ways but this is just one more reason to get your zzzzzzzs.

There are 4 rock solid ways to improve your willpower so you can stay on track and hit or maintain your weight and blood sugar goals.

Go get em…I know you can do it!

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