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It’s really critical not to over train. If I am honest with myself I will say that there have been many years in my life where I’ve over trained.

Although I knew on a conscious level that I was not doing my body good by giving it no opportunity to rest and recover, I would still go to the gym 7 days a week and push myself to the brink every single time.

I still am guilty of this every so often so that is why I’m stressing here on this post that you need to rest.

However, it will be an active rest. I don’t care what you do but you need to get your body in motion for 40 minutes.

Maybe it is a walk on the beach or with your dog or just around the block. Or you can hit the gym and ride the bike or jump on the elliptical.

You don’t need to kill yourself on these days, but you do need to get the blood flowing not only so you continue to burn calories, but so you loosen up those muscles that you are working so hard.

Enjoy today and start to mentally prepare yourself for tomorrow!

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